39 Riders Tell What’s New for 2013

Think Spring was the theme of last week’s chats from Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page.

We asked fans, “What’s new for the season – bike, gear, accessories?”


new-for-201339 riders tell what’s new for 2013


  1. Roxanne G.  Accessories. New for me, anyway!


  1. Liz J.  I’ve had 2 new tires installed. Already to go!


  1. Steve L.  New Shoei Quest helmet.


  1. Gary W.  A new jacket for me and vintage saddle bags for the bike.


  1. Sarah S.  New tires, new battery, new C3 PRO helmet!


  1. Roni C.  new bike for me this year!! WOO HOO But I did get Charlie a new place to ride on the bike… looking for some small things to make the bike mine


  1. Vince S.  New shoei rf-1100 helmet, and for the bike, ebc front rotors and pads, two brothers juice box, and puig tire hugger


  1. Grant G.  New bike, helmets and jackets….. And it’s snowing out right now…. Arghhhhh !


  1. Ursula B.  maybe a pillion seat just in case I feel like giving someone a ride! Nah! maybe not.


  1. Keith O.  Triumph Trophy, if all the stars align.


  1. Rob T.  seat – windscreen – maybe.


  1. Chris L.  New Trophy and put 300k’s on over the weekend.


  1. Liz J.  New Schuberth C3W helmet last year – best helmet I’ve ever had.


  1. Noel H.  I’d like to find somebody with a Redverz tent to see if it is bigger packed than my timberline Kananaskis 4 person.


  1. Tom M.  Might get an air horn. Loud horn save lives.


  1. Noel H.  Tom, look into an ear cannon. They sound like an ocean liner.


  1. Sylvia S.What is the red container in the photo?


  1. Tim D.  A new compact 2 person tent and slim sleeping bag


  1. Annie K.  A passenger helmet for my sister to take her with me when I go riding


  1. Noel H.  Sylvia, it’s a gas can. There is a website for them but I don’t remember the name of it. They have a very secure mounting system so are worth looking into.


  1. Brenda B.  A fender rack to put in place of my passenger seat. Then I think I’ll be all set for a while.


  1. Robin W.  I have a fancy new headlight waiting to be installed… not so much for around here, but we’re planning a trip south where it gets dark at night????


  1. Darlene D.  Saddle bags, heated grip and new mesh jacket


  1. Mark K.  An Aerostich Darien Jacket and a new set of Metzler Tourance tires!


  1. John T.  new product is not needed, it is all about the new times to be had!


  1. Liz J.  Old friends to meet up with and new friends to meet!


  1. Bridget G. I might wash the bike this year


  1. Joanne C.  Hopefully a new bike


  1. Heber G.  Already got my wife new riding gear. If I’m nice to her I’ll get a new bike, if not then an upgrade to my lights


  1. Life is a journey.  Replaced the Kawasaki VN900 with a Valkyrie towards the end of last season and only did about 2000 km before the winter descended upon us, so I am looking forward to exploring the capabilities of the Valkyrie.


  1. Cory D.  Thinking of upgrading to a corbin saddle.


  1. Dave F. New intake pipes on my ’83 650 Katana and a new lid for my noggin.


  1. Donna R.  New waterproof hi viz jacket. I bought it at the motorcycle show.


  1. David W.  New tires, brakes, mirrors, hard saddle-bags and two new hi-viz riding jackets (old ones too big – dropped 45 lbs (on purpose) since last year!!)


  1. Tom N.  A new jacket, a new Corbin seat (the old one is getting tired) and new bags and a bike for my daughter who will be my new riding partner after she passes her test this summer.


  1. Wayne Jr N.  I’m thinking the MT-01 is heading to a new home…so it will be a new bike year for me, V Strom DL1000, so that I can travel the gravel roads with more confidence and still have the big V-twin grunt!


  1. James M.  A new jacket , new bars for the rdglide. My brother new bars, wheel, rotors, tire , & new air cleaner & exhaust i better hurry up & order some more parts.


  1. Paul L.  Accessories and gear. New helmet, bars for the vstar, fuseblock, maybe a new exhaust


  1. Don S.  A new Victory Cross Country is on the list but not sure I’m ready to give up the best v-twin rocket on earth the jackpot



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