7 Ways Spas Promote Total Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit

Any being, whether human or machine, exists through a complex series of interrelated systems. Focusing on total wellness, whether it’s taking your motorcycle to the shop or your Self to the spa, means that treating the part in for servicing will enhance total performance.

total wellnessA vehicle’s fuel, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems all need to function independently and collaboratively to achieve safe and effective performance. It matters not that your gas tank is full if your tires are worn out or your battery is dead.

Each physical system in your body is comprised of a group of organs that work together to perform a certain task, ultimately converging in a mind/body/spirit connection. While each system, (circulatory, digestive, reproductive, etc) is made up of distinct organs with specialized functions, the systems overlap and interact in a myriad of ways.

To add to the picture, your physical body is surrounded by an energy field which carries emotional energy, imprinting both internal and external experiences. This emotional energy influences our physical system. Read Anatomy of the Spirit.

Whether it’s a motorcycle shop or a spa, the benefits of professional treatment extend beyond what’s visible to enhancing total wellness. These spa services deliver a win for body, mind and spirit.


  1. Yoga. Practiced for thousands of years, a yoga practice unites mind, body and spirit. While comprised of many “limbs”, the generally accepted benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone, strength, endurance and posture. It has also been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which benefits those with cardiovascular disease. Yoga students also report an increased ability to focus, and improved concentration and mood related to a regular practice. More here.


  1. Scrubs. These treatments exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing the skin to absorb more oxygen, which is fed to inner organs. Increased feelings of well-being radiate from body to mind and spirit.


  1. Massage. While a specific massage technique can produce a number of different effects, there’s no question that therapeutic massages promote relaxation. They can relieve pain, improve digestion, reduce stress level, reduce muscle tension, stimulate circulation, oxygen flow and improve mental and physical health. Benefits also include increased alertness and reduced anxiety. Read more.


  1. Facials. Exfoliation can strip away dead skin cells and reveal newer cells underneath. Facial massages promote relaxation and relieve stress.


  1. Physical Exercise. Regularly practiced, exercise controls weight, combats disease, boosts mood, improves immunity, promotes sleep, sparks our sex life and adds fun.


  1. Aromatherapy. Essential oils delivered by qualified practitioners enhance psychological and physical well-being. Purported benefits include relaxation and stress relief, enhanced mood, balance and well-being. They can also boost the immune, regulatory and circulatory systems. More info.


  1. Sauna. Known to increase circulation to the extremities and skin, time in a sauna results in a comprehensive cleansing of skin and sweat glands. Profuse sweating enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body.



If you ever needed a reason to visit a spa, you’ve now got seven! Treat yourself. Your whole being will benefit.


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