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5 Favorite Blogs from Last Week

by Liz Jansen There are many articles on motorcycle touring and safety. The ones below stood out because of the way they present the information, and how they make you think. They may even inspire you to change your habits,

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Continuing the Journey

It’s been almost two months since I went on sabbatical and I’m continuing the journey with a fresh perspective and new energy. It’s an interesting experiment—and a weird feeling—to sit back and watch the world go on around you without

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10 Ways to Get Ready for Motorcycle Riding

by Liz Jansen From our vantage point at the top of February, riding season can seem so far away. Especially when many of us have experienced winter storms lately, with more to come. Yet every year spring arrives without fail,

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10 Top Tips to Set You Up for a Fantastic 2015

by Liz Jansen  One life-changing event shaped my whole year— a motorcycle accident on a beautiful, clear, sunny late summer morning. With the twisted wreckage of my bike lying against the embankment and my left arm dangling inside my jacket, I

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The Fifth and Almost Forgotten Grace

by Liz Jansen Last week’s post on The Four Graces barely hit the cyberwaves when I was reminded that there was a fifth forgotten grace. No make matters even worse, this grace chronologically preceded the others: the grace of the

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Road Report | Three Months into the Detour

by Liz Jansen It’s now been three months since I turned onto the detour. While it wasn’t the experience I anticipated or foresaw when I left Ontario, it’s been an adventure just the same. Here’s a progress report. Recovery It’s

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9 Ways to Enjoy Cold Weather Travel

by Liz Jansen In my neck of the woods, late season travel invariably means cold weather travel, and it can be just as enjoyable as riding at any other time.  A new annual tradition started in 2009. Friends, more like

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Meet the Adventurers

by Liz Jansen Set on a picturesque lake in the majestic Canadian Rockies, it’s easy to understand why this year’s Horizons Unlimited travelers meeting in Nakusp, British Columbia,, attracted a record number of attendees. While the event primarily draws riders

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7 Challenges of Life on the Road

With two and a half weeks on the road, I’m still getting my road legs under me. Already I’ve met wonderful people, had amazing experiences, and taken new roads through exceptional beauty. Still it’s a period of big adjustment. These

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Getting on the Road—The First Week

Moving out of the driveway and getting on the road wasn’t so bad after all. Everything that had to be done was done, things that needed to be stored were packed away, Measha was at her vacation home, and my

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