Table of Contents

T a b l e  o f   C o n t e n t s





Chapter 1 – How Motorcycling Empowers Us  

Chapter 2 – Perceptions on Power

Debbie Evans Leavitt

Lise Grenier

Toni Sharpless 

Madeleine Marques 

Juanita Losch-Finlan 

Nancy Irwin

Holly Ralph  

Chapter 3 – Chariots of Change

Andrea Tillmann

Judith Eden

Diane Ortiz

Lois Pryce

Chantal Cournoyer

Cheryl Stewart


Chapter 4 – Getting Past Go

Patti Pepin 

Jolene Mosca 

Cathy Walter

Teresa Vincent

Hazel Carson 

Mary Barry


Chapter 5 – Dealing With the Unexpected

Sue Cannell

Roxie Malone

Kate Insley

Elizabeth Bokfi

Catherine Swift


Chapter 6 – Connecting With Spirit

Laura Culic

Kersty Franklin

Meg Thorburn

Kelly Patterson McGrath

Ila Sissons


Chapter 7 – Discovering and Using Your Power

Carla King 

Tigra Tsujikawa

Kellee Irwin

Catherine Nadeau

Oksana Buhel

Jennifer Robertson

Shelly Glover


Chapter 8 – Leading With Your Heart

Doris Maron

Woody Woodward

Lesley Gering

Barbara Wynd


Chapter 9 – Sharing the Legacy

Sue Slate

Stefy Bau

Gwen Roberts

Yolanda Tesselaar 


Chapter 10 – Riding Your Own Ride

Leslie Porterfield

Deb Grey

Audrey Alexandre

Genevieve Schmitt

Rebecca Herwick


The Last Word  


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