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10 Tips from Motorcycles for Optimal Health

by Liz Jansen Often I find I have to look no further than my own writing for the answers I’m looking for. Given the reflection and healing I’m focusing on now, my reading took me to my own book and

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10 Benefits of Taking the Next Step in Life

by Liz Jansen Taking the next step in life requires initiative. Initiative means action. Get yourself geared up and sit on your motorcycle. You and your bike look fantastic, you’re both ready to go, and it looks like you mean

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10 Ways to Increase Your Horsepower

by Liz Jansen Expert mechanics and technicians do it all the time—take a stock engine, analyze its workings, and make modifications to increase the power it produces. While it can get complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Understanding the concepts

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7 Ways to Increase Your Self Worth

Self-worth respects and acknowledges who you are. Yet sometimes you overlook your self in your quest to serve others. What you do for your motorcycle you must do for your self. Routine maintenance, inspections and replacing parts proactively keep your

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7 Building Blocks of Life from Motorcycle Maintenance

Who knew the owner’s manual could teach you as much about your self and self care as it teaches about the bike?   Understanding the fundamentals of motorcycle maintenance enhances safety, performance and longevity while reducing costs. It also builds self

7 Life Lessons from Motorcycle Maintenance

  Caring for your motorcycle demonstrates respect for what it is. Although it’s easy to become complacent and take its performance and reliability for granted, doing so puts your safety and wellbeing at risk.   While many people cringe at

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9 Life Lessons on Self-Awareness

A drive for self-awareness and a mechanical heartbeat inextricably bind rider and machine. Sadly, motorcycle maintenance’s perception as overly complicated provides an excuse to hand it all off to technicians. This aversion to becoming more aware of what goes on

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9 ways learning basic maintenance will build self confidence

It’s well known that learning to ride a motorcycle will build self-confidence. One has only to catch a glimpse of the beaming face of any student who has just completed the course for proof.   Learning basic motorcycle maintenance grows

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9 Lessons on Basic Maintenance for Life

A motorcycle is a piece of metal and other materials on two wheels. Yet so many people shrink away from even the simplest maintenance, thinking it’s beyond them. Motorcycle maintenance is objective and rational, with no human emotions to complicate

9 Steps to Simplify Your Life

Motorcycles force you to travel light. There’s only so much you can carry without being stressed to the breaking point. You alone decide what you’re going to carry. The simpler and lighter the load, the easier it is to manage

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