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Listen, chat with, learn, and get inspired by Christa at the Power of the Road online conference, April 7 to 11, 2014. Christa will share her wisdom on the importance of focus, especially while navigating change. 

Christa Neuhauser is the publisher and editor-in-chief of RoadRUNNER Touring & Travel, an international motorcycle magazine dedicated to serving active motorcycle enthusiasts by providing them with a comprehensive resource of national and international tours, exciting and picturesque new places to ride, and valuable information on new motorcycles and products to enhance their riding experience.


Originally from Austria, Christa grew up chasing down the slopes of the great Alps on skis. In time, however, and following the lead of several friends, she quickly discovered the pleasure of riding through those endless pass roads, as well as the Dolomites and other parts of Europe, on two wheels.

Having always enjoyed traveling, Christa and her husband, Christian, were enthralled with a tour they read about in a German motorcycle monthly that featured Highway 1 in California. Shipping their bikes from Austria to Los Angeles, they spent two weeks riding from California to Canada along the coastal highway. After a second trip two years later, and the motto “you only regret things in your life that you don’t do,” they relocated to Winston-Salem, NC, with their two sons in 1999

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway

Professional photographers by trade, Christa and Christian took every chance they had to travel by motorcycle and looked to American journals for inspiration on riding and touring ideas. Not able to find any that catered to touring, Christian began researching the publishing industry. Despite some initial reservations about their limited experience in the field, English not being their first language, and finances, Christian became hooked on producing a new periodical. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he convinced Christa that the only way to find out if they could make it work was to try! In the spring of 2001, they launched their first issue of RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel, which was well received from the beginning.

Life hit Christa brutally when she expected it the least. In 2005, she lost Christian in a fatal sidecar accident. That put her life on hold for a time, but Christa decided that with the support of her two sons, Manuel and Florian, and a dedicated team by her side, she would continue to build upon the vision and enthusiasm for touring that she and Christian shared.

Colorado's Independence Pass
Colorado’s Independence Pass
Christa in Peru at 16100ft_ IMG_1931 2
Christa in Peru_IMG_1747

For Christa, the road is the destination. Dancing through the countryside on two wheels, feeling the motion and the wind pressure, experiencing the smells of the season, the warm sunshine, the humidity of the nearing rain, the changes in temperature, the aroma of freshly cut grass, or the fragrance of the trees and flowers are the pleasures of riding.

Today, on the crest of its 13th anniversary, RoadRUNNER is firmly established in the American motorcycle world and enjoys widespread support from both readers and the motorcycle industry in general. As the largest touring magazine in North America, RoadRUNNER is the only publication that includes tank bag maps and GPS files for the tours. Six times per year, a loyal readership enjoys both print and digital travel articles, motorcycle and product reviews, and industry news and updates as well as world-class photography and a website full of touring resources.

Christa Touring Weekend in IN_IMG_1267

Christa and Dale Walksler at Wheels Through Time
Christa and Dale Walksler at Wheels Through Time

In addition, RoadRUNNER sponsors organized intimate vacation tours; and a yearly Touring Weekend (in memory of Christian) welcomes anyone with a passion for motorcycles and fun to participate in the camaraderie, riding, and summer activities.

Christa Jan13 IMG_3200

With Christa on the throttle, RoadRUNNER remains true to the passion and ideals that it was founded on.








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    • Christa certainly is both of those Alison. She’s very much a woman of strength and courage. You’ll enjoy her interview.


  1. I love Road Runner magazine and have used their downloadable GPS maps several times. Since recently moving to North Carolina myself, I’m considering participating in their annual fall tour. Can’t wait to hear this interview!

  2. Reading her story makes me have even more admiration & respect for Christa. Wishing her, her sons & the magazine much success!

  3. Good read. Wow! Christa has direction, focus and strength. That is so cool. Reminds me of my mother. She too faced tragedy and out of it came great success. Maybe it’s an Austrian woman thing.

  4. I just met Christa and her sons at a small ice cream shoppe on Main Street in Delhi, New York. She and her sons are truly genuinely nice people. I could have talked with them for a much longer length of time.

    • Hi Kathy – She truly is a treasure. What a perfect spot for serendipity!