3 Essential Emergency Kits for Motorcycle Travel

Once of the greatest fears that gets voiced when riders are thinking of solo travel, is breaking down and being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Aside from the fact that these situations can turn into wonderful experiences, you don’t want to head out unprepared.  While you can’t possibly anticipate everything that can happen when you’re out on the road, carrying these 3 small kits can address most situations and set your mind at ease.

Even if you don’t know how to use them yourself, someone else will be able to help, if you’re carrying these three things.

  1. Tool kitTool kit. New bikes come with tool kits, tucked into a tiny space on your bike. Although they reputedly contain the most likely needed tools, they’re really just the basics. Determine what you’re most likely to need, get familiar with what you’ve got and supplement accordingly. Use this list as a start, then customize with the correct sizes and requirements for your bike.
    1. Multi-tool
    2. Pliers
    3. Screwdriver—multi-headed
    4. 10/12 mm open ended wrench (You may need 2 for chain adjustment)
    5. 14/17 mm open ended wrench
    6. Hex /Allen keys – 3,4,5,6 mm
    7. Spark plug wrench
    8. Vice grips (small)
    9. Tire pressure gauge (Keep handy)Tool kit pictured is available from Revzilla.
  2. Tire Repair KitTire repair kit (fortubeless tires). This will help you out if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, and your tire is not otherwise damaged. Practice on an old tire before setting out so you know what to do. Please note that you will have to assess your situation and determine if your tire is safe to ride on. Don’t take chances with your safety. If in doubt, opt for another solution.
    1. Rasp
    2. Inserting needle
    3. Repair plugs
    4. CO2 cartridges and/or
    5. Mini compressor
    6. Spare tube for wheels that take either tube or tubeless tiresTire repair kit pictured on right is available from Revzilla.
  3. Miscellaneous kit. Use these tools for emergency roadside repairs only. If you’re traveling alone, you may still need to wait for a Good Samaritan, but they’ll at least get you to somewhere that more resources are available.
    1. Jumper cables
    2. Siphon
    3. Tape – electrical or Rescue Tape.
    4. Flashlight with charged batteries.
    5. AMA Membership.

Keeping up with routine maintenance and pre-ride inspections are the best way to maximize the odds for a trouble-free ride. Even so, carrying these tools will keep  you prepared for the most likely emergencies.

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  1. Cable ties, 2 metres copper wire for hot parts, tube of superglue (also useful for emergency suture)