Travel Planning and the Road to Here

Earlier this year, I wrote about 5 big ticket travel planning considerations for my upcoming trip to South America. With two months until departure date, lots has already fallen into place, often in ways I wouldn’t have expected.  Here’s how things have transpired in the mean time.

  1. planning-considerationsMotorcycle. After much deliberation and consulting with moto-travelers who’ve done what I’m about to do, I decided to keep my motorcycle—a Yamaha Super Ténéré. It’s exactly the kind of travel the bike was designed to do, but I was concerned about its size. Realistically, we’ve been together for almost 50,000 miles of adventure already, I’m at home on it, know how to do basic maintenance, and how to keep it healthy. We’re comfortable on gravel back roads and I don’t plan to ride on rugged off-road trails. I just finished an off-road skills course and am adding accessories, both of which I’ll write more about later.
  2. House. For seven years I’ve rented a carriage house with a two-car garage, set in a fragrant cedar grove. I gave my notice and investigated local storage facilities. The people who owned the property and lived in the adjacent house when I moved here, sold and the new owners, who are the best landlords ever, inherited me. They’re not interested in renting to anyone else, so my things stay here and it’s mine if I want it when I return. How blessed is that?
  3. Budget. After doing the math, if I’m careful, my expenses shouldn’t be significantly different than they are now. I don’t have an extravagant lifestyle by North American standards, I won’t have rent, and I’m selling my car so there are no maintenance, upkeep or insurance costs there. Much of my work is online and I’ll continue that. The challenge is going to be balancing being organized and disciplined in working, while remaining open to what the Road delivers.
  4. Parents. They’re now settled in an assisted living apartment although at this moment, my father is on a fishing trip in Northern Ontario for the week with his cronies. Their matters are as organized and there is lots of local support for them. They understand while I’m going and the only thing dad said was, “I wish you had an escort.” In their day, they both traveled to Central and South American countries on medical missions, and for mom, this trip is reviving wonderful memories—again and again. 🙂
  5. Measha. This little one tugs at my heart and knows just how to pull the strings. She’s got a wonderful place to stay with friends – human and feline, and will be just fine. She’s been there a few times already and fits right in.

Back in January when this road trip first came up, I knew I’d be going, even though I didn’t know how it would all work out. I am certain this is what I’m supposed to be doing on this next leg of my Road. The big ticket items are mostly looked after but lots of minutia, administrivia and work remains to be done before I leave.

Even though I can’t see around all the corners yet and don’t know what the Road will bring, I know that by staying receptive, prepared and focused, I’ll be right where I’m meant to be.

photo credit: stargardener via photopin cc


Author, writer, student and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

6 Comments on “Travel Planning and the Road to Here

  1. Incredibly wonderful Liz it’s all falling into place perfectly . Seize your adventure with gusto and determination , you will enjoy so many benefits and a life time of memories . Be safe .

    • Thanks so much Sandra. I wish the same back to you. Hope to see you on the road……somewhere!


  2. I’ll be with you in spirit, sounds like it’s coming together well. Interestingly I will be leaving on a trip from Denver to the Adirondacks about the same (Aug. 4).



    • Likewise Bill. Thanks. We probably won’t cross paths but you never know. I’ll probably be a bit further north than you as I’m heading west across the top of the US. Safe adventures!


  3. Liz, it will be a wonderful & enlightening adventure for you. I look forward to your stories, and pictures of your fabulous trip.

    • You’re right Mary. Thank you. And I look forward to you getting off those crutches and back on your bike!