9 Causes of Fuel Leaks

Aside from being a serious safety hazard, a fuel leak means you have less gasoline to fuel your trip. It shortens the range the bike can travel and means more frequent gas stops. Fortunately, the distinctive fumes make it easily detectable.

Fuel leaksGiving your energy to the wrong people or endeavors means you don’t have as much to put towards your own goals. Not being able to say no is a perfect example of how this happens.

Unfortunately, detecting your personal energy drains are less obvious than detecting a leak on your bike.


9 Causes of Fuel Leaks


  1. Factory defect. An inherent defect can cause a leak. Manufacturers correct this, hopefully before there is any damage or injury. As beings, you come into the world programmed with the cultural beliefs of your ancestors. Even though superstitions and unrealistic fears can be a cultural norm, they’ll still usurp energy from your spirit.


  1. Hole in gas line. The cause is usually something rubbing up against the gas line over an extended period, age degeneration or the line coming into contact with something sharp. It’s easier to create a leak than find the source. Consciously or subconsciously facing chronic challenges can take its toll and drain you. The only solution is to correct the root cause, something that can take much soul work.


  1. Rust. Age and disuse are enemies of engine systems. Regular maintenance and care reduce the likelihood of rust appearing while allowing for early detection and corrective action. Proactively caring for ourselves prevents or delays the onset of disability, be it in mind, body or spirit.


  1. Leaky seals. My current bike was recalled to replace a faulty seal under the gas tank. The hazard was a potential fuel leak onto a hot engine – not a good situation. Think about who or what you give energy to without realizing it. It can be in everyone’s best interest for you to graciously and respectfully say no. Let your intuition be your guide and keep the energy flowing in the direction where you are of best service.


  1. Faulty electrical connection. Electrical signals get mixed up, the fuel injector stays open and gas leaks out. It’s the equivalent of a communication breakdown where you are either given the wrong information or misunderstand what was intended. In either case, you act based on faulty information. Anything that diverts you from your purpose or goes against your intuition will drain your energy.


  1. Accident damage. A perfect machine can be cut down by an unexpected event. The damage causes trauma and forces you to look at things differently. Likewise, emotional or physical trauma can occur out of the blue when you’re least equipped to deal with it. Challenges happen to everyone. The degree of trauma, your current situation and how resilient you are will determine how much energy is lost.


  1. Leaking fuel filter. The fuel filter fuel removes impurities and ensures that the engine system receives clean, debris-free fuel. Allowing destructive thoughts and emotions to penetrate the shield of grace which protects you, diverts energy that could otherwise be redirected constructively.


  1. Contaminants. Usually the outcome of using substandard gasoline, they can plug up the fuel system and cause leaks. Whether you’re nourishing your bike or your body, feeding it the highest quality ingredients possible promotes health, vitality and longevity.


  1. Overflow. Under the right conditions, the overflow line drains an overfull tank. It’s happened to me when I left my bike with a full tank of gas parked in the heat. If you take on too much, something’s going to give and you lose energy.


Next time you feel drained and low on energy reserves, review this list. It will help you pinpoint where your fuel is leaking. Taking corrective action is up to you!


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