19 Riders Recommend Which Motorcycle Tools to Carry for Travel

As reliable as most bikes are, it’s still a good idea to ride prepared. Qualified mechanics may not be within reach of where you are on the open road and if you get a flat, a saddlebag mount breaks or your clutch lever breaks in a tip over, it’s good to carry the basics to get you through.

We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What tools do you carry with you on trips?”


motorcycle-tools-to-carry19 Riders Recommend Which Motorcycle Tools to Carry for Travel


  1. Ursula B. IPhone so if anything breaks I can call someone who cares!


  1. Linda Y. Just the bike tool kit. If the bike did break down I would call for help. I would not know how to fix


  1. Mark K. tire irons, tire repair kit, pump, BMW Cruz Tools kit, volt meter, bailing wire, duct tape and filter wrench.


  1. Kathy B. None at this point because I really would not know what to do with them!


  1. Carole N. Wine opening device


  1. Suzie Q B. Yes I also have the duct tape! !! Pink..


  1. Suzie Q B. Yep…AMA… oh and a tire air gauge… and if Deb Banack is with us…she has everything…lol


  1. John H. Visa.


  1. Michele C. 80 lb tool box full,..in toe of sidecar


  1. Brad S. tire repair kit & mini compressor, and kit with common sockets, ratchet, extension, wrenches and multi bit screw driver, fuses, spare bulbs, electrical tape, epoxy glue, 2 sided 3M tape, tiny flashlight, electrical tester and more small stuff. Came in handy more than once, the rest is just-in-case. All tools fit in a zippered shave travel bag except tire repair stuff and mini compressor.


  1. Lindsay T. Credit card and cell phone


  1. Glenn R. None, Its a Honda.


  1. Joseph B. Most things to do small and large running repairs, mechanical, electrical and I even carry a spare fuel pump. When I’m out on the long lonely highways, I like to know I have a chance to get going and not be totally dependent on others. Nothing worse than being stranded and having to wait for help to arrive. Sometimes a mobile phone and a credit card just don’t cut it.


  1. Gene B. The factory issued tool kit (metric) and three real open end combo wrenches , plus as smallish ratchet and three deep sockets ,as well as a 6 in Crescent!


  1. Paul B. a variety of wrenches, rope, and tape


  1. Cory D. Tire gauge, pliers, screw driver and sport straps


  1. Brenda B. Phone, extra pliers, rope, bungee cords.


  1. Rick W. Multi screwdriver, sockets, spare spark plugs, wrenches, hex keys, black tape, duct tape, traps, fuses


  1. Tom M. The stock H-D kit plus compressor and tire repair kit plus sockets, some flat wrenches, screwdrivers, zip ties, and of course, Duct Tape.



What favourite motorcycle tools do you carry for travel?






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