9 Personal Branding Tips

Learn personal branding tips from the experts. Manufacturers go to great lengths to establish, protect and strengthen their image. This extends to how and where logos are shown, corporate colors, the type of people they hire and the activities they support.


personal-branding-tipsMerely being a rider brands you as an adventurer, risk taker, fun lover and free spirit – with a touch of rebelliousness. Your brand is how you’re defined; who you are; or more accurately, the perception of who you are. And it’s one of your most valuable assets. Stay true to it!


9 personal branding tips


  1. Know it. A good sales person knows the brand inside out. He or she can tell you about its strengths, features , why they are of benefit to you and why one model may be more suitable than another. Know yourself that well – your strengths, interests and areas for lessons.


  1. Believe in it. To promote a brand, the sales and marketing teams need to believe in what they’re promoting. Otherwise, their overtures come across as insincere. Believe in who you are and be that person.


  1. Show it off. Walk into any motorcycle showroom and you’ll see the bikes being displayed to show off their best attributes. It’s the best way to determine whether a brand or style is a good fit for you. Walk with confidence in whom you are. People and experiences come into your life based on the face you show to the world. It’s best to be authentic or you’ll all be disappointed.


  1. Be visible. Successful organizations use a multifaceted approach to splash brands wherever their audience is, reaching out through personal interactions, social networking and multi media advertisements. As the children’s song advocates, don’t hide your light under a bushel. Let it shine!


  1. Watch for trends. Manufacturers are continuously watching market trends. As demographics and interests change, they need to find new ways to deliver their brand’s message. Whether you’re involved in business, volunteer activities or personal hobbies, viability depends on being able to change with the times ands find new ways of reaching your audience.


  1. Listen. Winning brands gather feedback through research, focus groups and surveys to learn how they can be more effective. On your personal journey, there’s a tendency to get so wrapped up in the excitement of what you’re doing, you forget to check back to see if your message is reaching others. A minor adjustment may be all that’s necessary between being effective or not.


  1. Make improvements. Listening without action is pointless. Once you know how you can be more effective, take the steps to do so. It strengthens you and what you represent.


  1. Demonstrate its attributes. Motorcycle manufacturers offer demo rides for potential clients to test ride a bike and see if it’s suitable for them. It’s a very effective way to convert potential customers. In your personal and professional life, beliefs and words without actions are empty. Demonstrate your brand through your behavior and interaction with others.


  1. Provide a solution. Organizations grow because they understand the needs of their customer and provide a solution. You have a unique role and purpose here, but if you’re going to be effective, you have to package it in such a way that it provides the answers people are looking for.


You’ve taken a lifetime to create your brand. It takes a great deal of courage to stand up for who you are. Just as one motorcycle is not going to appeal to everyone, so too your message is not a one size fits all. But if each of us is following our inner guidance, when all of our messages come together, profound change occurs.



photo credit: Urban Woodswalker via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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