Psychic Protective Gear

Finding the Right Fit

A motorcycle rider knows better than anyone about the importance of wearing good quality, proper fitting gear. It protects us from external bombardment. However, ill-fitting equipment can immobilize us and cause hazards greater than those from which it was designed to safeguard.

Our sense of adventure beckons us along our life’s journey. We innately know this road has challenges, and although we like to think we’re in control, we don’t know what’s around the corner. How we prepare ourselves though, affects how successful we are in navigating towards our destination.

In this engaging and interactive session based on Liz’s book Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment, we explore how the symbolic protective gear we wear, constrains our authenticity and disempowers us. It impedes our movement, flexibility, thought processes, ability to respond and even our voice. We also learn how selecting the appropriate, proper fitting gear, enhances our journey along our own Road to Empowerment.

Join Liz to discover:

  • 7 common sources of fear
  • How those fears have nothing to do with our reality
  • How to challenge the notions upon which that fear is based
  • How to redirect that energy into something positive and productive
  • Techniques to discover and release our authentic selves buried under all that gear
  • How to select the right gear (Hint: You can’t find it in any store)
  • How understanding your own fears, makes you more empathetic, more client focused – and a better leader


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