24 Picks for a Santa Motorcycle

Only 3 more sleeps till the big day! Just wondering – if Santa rode a motorcycle, what would it be? We’ll never know for sure because we have to be asleep when Santa arrives, but it’s fun to speculate.

Santa motorcycleWe posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page.) Lots of great ideas! What do you think would make a good Santa motorcycle?

24 Picks for a  Santa Motorcycle


  1. Ride-Stop N-Go Hey guys Troy and Ang here…a Harley of course. Why a Harley..well there is no john deer..


  1. Darlene D. An old triumph or Harley with a sidecar and scooters for reindeer


  1. Rania M. It would need to be a Ural. The reindeer could cuddle up in the sidecar.


  1. Liz J. Think there’s room for all those reindeer? Aren’t there 8 of them?


  1. Rania M. It would take a major modifications but there is a possibility that they could fit.


  1. Mary B. Santa has to have a big-ass Harley with all the side bags they can strap on to it. The reindeer I see on scooters of some type. Carrots can go under the seat


  1. Mary B. only the Harley can’t be piped out…wouldn’t want anyone to hear him coming


  1. Rania M. It’s called the no reindeer Left Behind Act of 2012


  1. Noel H. Probably a 2 wheel drive Ural or a Dniper with a sidecar


  1. Mary B. Ok, one of the reindeer can be on this: Lexmoto Vixen 125 Commuter Motorcycle (HT125-8)


  1. Tech Guy FJR1300 – fast enough, lots of storage space, hauls a trailer, quiet as to not wake the kids. Less $ than Beemer so more $ for gifts


  1. Jeff S. Gotta be named after the driver. Fatboy.


  1. Glenn R. A Honda, Because you meet the nicest people on a honda. 1970s add?


  1. Noel H. The nicest people thing started in the 1960s actually.


  1. Mark K. A 2013 BMW R1200 GS because that bike can go anywhere… That or a gas gas trials bike because I think Santa could pull off some tricks….


  1. Randy B. I think it would have to be a Honda. He would need a very reliable bike that didn’t have parts that fall off. Or like mark says above. The BMW GS. Awesome go anywhere bike.


  1. Michael Jesús C.II I’d like to think Santa’s more hip than that…he’d have a sport bike. Clearly so he can make it all over the world in one night, I’m thinking a GSX1300R…


  1. Ian S. A Ducati because it’s RED.


  1. Scott D. I agree a Ural with a sidecar as both rear wheels work much like a old VW Bug. plus big solar panel across the front of the sidecar to power things to keep warm like the battery and a block heater and the intake or it won’t run in the north pole in sub zero weather or won’t start this way it will start and run and won’t freeze up when riding as for the deer pull a toboggan with them in it if you get stuck they can pull you out. as for my all time favorite winter bike it was a CB550k I have had 2 1 with knobbies on it and I went everywhere in the deep snow it was a blast but now I ride my Harley’s and I ride them in the winter just not in the deep snow a light dusting a few times but that was only to get back home Hope you guys are all well and Wish you all Merry Christmas


  1. Don S. What it be lol a Victory Jackpot silver and black with red flames great Christmas color and that big 250 ass end can hold old St. Nick


  1. Dave T. BMW Adventure 1200!


  1. Michael F. An Indian just because it was my dads fav lol


  1. Mary B. yup, definitely a scooter with an automatic transmission for the reindeer – hard to engage the clutch with a hoof.


  1. Shawn M. Whatever brand it might be the one thing for sure given his age and weight is that it would be a trike.



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