9 Ways to Prevent Stagnation

Gas can degrade when it sits for too long, which is why manufacturers recommend adding stabilizer if the bike is going to be idle for extended periods – i.e. over winter. Like motorcycles, gasoline needs to be used.


Our spirit energy needs to be used as well. If we’re not growing or challenging ourselves, we too will stagnate. These simple tips will help keep you energized.

9 Ways to Prevent Stagnation


  1. Try something different. There have never been so many opportunities to learn something new, try a new recreation or try something different. Make the most of your time here and experience as much of life as you can.


  1. Volunteer. Spending time in the service of others is an all around win. It benefits the recipient, the lives of those around them, your community and you. It enhances self-esteem and spreads joy.


  1. Travel. Visit places you’ve never been to before. And you don’t have to travel far from home. Spend time getting to know strangers and appreciate the strengths of diversity.


  1. Stay in shape. Physical exercise literally keeps you moving; there’s no chance to stagnate. And it needn’t be fancy. A recent study shows that power walking could slash your risk for heart disease. Even better, do it with a friend or two and you benefit physically, emotionally and mentally.


  1. Schedule time for recreation. This is good no matter if you need to motivate yourself to cut back on work or conversely, need a nudge to be more social.


  1. Do one thing every day that scares you.” An often quoted saying of Eleanor Roosevelt. Sure it’s uncomfortable but it’s the only way we grow. This article in Psychology Today spoke volumes to me: Do Something That Scares You.


  1. Overcome negative self talk. That voice in your head that says you can’t do it. It’s your ego and it likes stability, consistency and security. When you try something new, it’s threatened and throws up all kinds of reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do something. Thank it for trying to protect you. Then put it to rest and move ahead.


  1. Spend time around active people. Spend time around those who also enjoy active, vibrant lives. Avoid people who do not support you on your success journey, They drag themselves down – along with everyone else around them.


  1. Review your progress. Wise is the person who looks inward and reflects on where they’ve been. Take delight in your accomplishments. Celebrate success. And plan for something new.


Rust, frozen pipes and stagnation all happen when things stop moving. Review the list, pick one and do it. You’ll feel that much more alive!


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Author, writer, and student Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.

2 Comments on “9 Ways to Prevent Stagnation

  1. Good morning, Liz!
    Thank you for another positive ‘pep talk’ in the morning! I am definitely guilty of # 5! Not too much of #6 either but I don’t think it was ment literally, just that everyone should put themselves out there more often!
    What I find most difficult to avoid are negative people, there unfortunately are too many frustrated, unhappy people in the world who don’t understand that it is up to yourself to decide if you want to be happy or not. You are so right that they bring you down. But there are also techniques out there to learn how to handle them. I guess I should look into that, to get more inspiration and again, to make MY life better without hurting anyone else! That is what it is about for me, the recipe for a happy life, without being a selfish bitch….:)

    • Hi Barbie,
      We get caught between wanting to be helpful and taking on another’s negative energy. There’s a technique I learned after hearing Caroline Myss talk a few years ago. Whenever I’m around negative people or situations, I invoke a “Shield of Grace” around me. No one else can see it but I know it’s there. (Actually it’s always there but sometimes you need a special reminder.) That negative energy just pings right off it. Doesn’t even get to me. It’s fun. Try it! And it works.