Unshackled: Marcy Field’s Journey

Today Alberta’s Marcy Field arrives in Miramichi, New Brunswick on her Unshackled Tour, capping off a 14-day cross-Canada ride and fulfilling a goal to make a difference. Both concepts were created to celebrate a milestone birthday — her 60th.

Marcy’s not the first person to tackle a solo 4,636 km (2,880 miles) motorcycle ride and she’s certainly not the first motorcyclist to raise awareness or ride for a cause. The field (no pun intended) is bustling with the former and veritably a traffic jam exists on the latter. So why has she captured my attention?

Marcy epitomizes the indomitable spirit which exists within each of us; the unquenchable drive to make a positive difference. She exemplifies the quiet heroes that are all around us, confident and assured that they are fulfilling their unique purpose.

She’s humbly gone about this in her own way, initiating change without a lot of fanfare or hoopla. I’m sure the voices in her head bombarded her with a litany of excuses, vainly attempting to stop her: “You’re crazy.” “It’s too dangerous.” “You’re too old.” “It’s too far.” “It’s too strenuous.” “What happens if your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere?” I’m sure she had fears of how she would handle the trip physically, emotionally and mentally.

But she methodically put together a plan, prepared as best she could and pushed past her comfort zone and past those fears. I admire people who do this. Even though she’s been bolstered by friends and family, this trip has not been easy – and she’s done it!

She’s inspired many in her home town, along the way and touched the lives of thousands of women in Malawi. People whose lives have been changed because of the kindness, courage and gratitude of a stranger.

That she’s done her first long solo trip by motorcycle at age 60 is highly admirable. While this isn’t the path for everyone, rest assured that we all have a calling, we all have fears and we all have the power to get pasts them. Marcy is living proof of that.

Her Unshackled Tour has shown us how each of us can make a difference when we free ourselves from the thoughts and behaviors that constrain us. It’s also reminded us that we are never alone and we can make a difference. By following our own inner guide, not only are we blessed, we’re supporting the journey of those around us.

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Thank you Marcy.





Author, writer, and student Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.