35 Reasons to Get a Motorcycle

What great memories!!  What got you started in motorcycling?


If you ever needed a reason, look no further. These  Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook readers provide lots of reasons to start.

Add yours in the comments below.


35 Reasons to  Get a Motorcycle

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  1. Steve L. I had a dirt bike when I was a kid and I always wanted to get my street license. Well it took 25 years, but I now have it and love being on the open road.


  1. Tim M. A local mechanic had a triumph chopper in 1967


  1. Frankys Cycleshop.  my mom


  1. David L.  Just that sensation of the wind through my hair while riding on a buddies Honda Passport (50cc) bike. We were amazed!


  1. Tony K.  I had always wanted a bike, and when my mother passed away at 52, I realized that there was not necessarily going to be a “tomorrow”…so the next summer I got my license, and haven’t stopped since!


  1. Darlene D. It was a parking issue & I needed easy commuting. Bought a 50cc scooter & outgrew it in 3 months & knew I needed s bike & I got tired of sitting on the back of hubby’s bike


  1. Mark K.  Always wanted to, was not allowed to have a motorcycle growing up… Found a great friend that has been motorcycling his entire life and he encouraged me to take the course at 38 years old. Been riding ever since. What took me so long!


  1. Darlene D.  I sat on the back of hubby’s bike for 29 years & got tired of staring at his helmet. I still can’t figure out why I waited so long!


  1. Kris G.  I’ve always wanted to ride, but was waiting til my daughter was out of school. Then I met my fiancée who introduced me to dirt biking… I’m waiting a little longer on the street bike, but sooooooo happy to be on two wheels!


  1. Jade T.  I dated someone in college with a bike but I decided pretty quickly that sitting on the back wasn’t for me. took a class, got a bike and haven’t stopped since!


  1. Suhaymath N.  I couldn’t answer this in a sentence or two, so I wrote a piece about my motorcycling beginnings a while back! Check it out if/when you get a chance: https://motomemoirs.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/point-a/


  1. Shaun J.  My Uncle (by marriage) had a thing for bikes but never owned one himself. He took me to an off-road course hosted by Honda (riding 80cc Honda Cub’s) and I was so scared. I did well and it planted the seed. Many decades later, I took a riding course and loved it. A week later, I bought a bike and since then I’ve ridden many bikes. Some I’ve owned, others were dealership loaners and I’ve written articles or done videos about. Good times.


  1. Carol C.  Riding on the back, loved it so much, I thought I would it more if I had my own. I was right!


  1. Malcolm K.  Back in the early 70’s riding a bike was far less expensive than a car and it was way better than the bus. !


  1. Ken C.  A friend of mine took me for a ride on the back of his 69 Norton, after cruising a few back roads he stopped the bike and told me to slide up and try it out. After stalling it in 1st gear about five times I finally made it into 2nd and the rest is history. That was 44 years ago and still riding


  1. Christopher G.  Finally realized, at age 52, that my mother couldn’t forbid me anymore.  Took the course, and I’ve been having a blast since. I plan to take the M2 exit course this summer!


  1. Debbie B.  I got sick of looking at the back of a helmet…..or having to be in a relationship to be able to be on the road……so when I ended up widowed 19 years ago, I bought a Harley and have been riding ever since.


  1. Roni C.  Growing up in a small town… cousins down the road, who had dirt bikes.. they taught us how to ride


  1. Chris L. 1966 – my high school buddy gave a ride on the back of his CB165 Honda – I was totally hooked!


  1. Patrick P. I have always loved motorcycles, but never could afford to buy one, I came across a couple of 1981 Honda cm200t Twinstars for a few hundred dollars, so I bought them, had a friend put one good one together, got my permit, learned to ride, now I have had my license for 2 years. Since then I have traded up to a 1981 Honda gl1100 Goldwing I also bought for a few hundred dollars, should have started 20 years ago.


  1. Brian L.  Stories my dad told me of when he was a boy, hanging around Jimmy Guthrie’s shop in the 30s.


  1. Dora D.  I was turning 40 and I wanted to do something exciting so I went to my hairstylist and asked him to turn me from a brunette to a blond but he wouldn’t so I got my motorcycle license instead. 10 years later, I finally became a blond … on a Harley!


  1. Mark-John H.  wanted to drive and get around town… but couldn’t get a drivers license as I was way to young. So, I got a bike (MB5) which didn’t require a license. Got bit, right there.


  1. Ursula B.  old photos of dad! My husband was patient and taught me!


  1. Jackson F.  Parents and older brothers. 180 Yamaha when I was 13.


  1. Noel H.  I’m not sure, it was a long time ago. I think it was just neat for a really small child to actually see the person operating the machine, unlike a car that was just a box going down the road anonymously.


  1. Brad S.  I wanted to go further and faster than my bicycle… and chicks dig bikes, right? At least that was the thought in 1970’s….


  1. Rick M. The allure of a mini bike to a small boy.


  1. Dan S. In 67 I saw a leaky Panhead this guy was riding and I asked him how much he wanted for it. He said, $1500, I said forget it. That was the first Harley I saw that I liked. Then in ’71 my brother bought a WR(Harley flat tracker) and we built it together in our basement apartment. The bathtub was a varsol tank lol The same year I found a 1942 45 and bought it for $55. The rest is history.


  1. Lawrence F.  My 16 year old daughter wanted to take it up and of course I couldn’t say no to her, but there was no way she was going to do it on her own…but she didn’t get bitten by the bug like her dad did…


  1. Leeann C.  I’m a 26 yr old female new to riding. My fiancée started riding 3 years ago and bought me a 82 Honda CM450 Custom for Christmas 2011 in mint condition with 2000KM on the original engine. I don’t think I’ll ever go a season without riding. Love it! Winters sure do suck in Canada now


  1. Carla V.  I went to a dirt bike race when I was 10. So…. at the age of 10 do I still want a horse or do I want a motorbike??? Got the horse for my 11 th Birthday, got the motorbike just before my 16th Birthday. It helps when you have bikers in the family. The horse was gone when I was 16, but I’ve had a bike ever since.  And ………NO I wasn’t a spoilt kid…… well maybe just a little bit.


  1. Kevin G.  That unmistakable sound which would pretty much stop me in mid-sentence whenever I heard an approaching Harley. And much later my first white-knuckle ride as a passenger on the back of a very fast Triumph Bonneville.


  1. Bill D.  A mini-bike when I was a kid. Almost 50 yrs ago.


  1. Rails Place It’s a life family thing. Mom and dad were bikers. So I guess it’s just in the bloodline


What got you started?  Add your reason in the comments below.



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4 Comments on “35 Reasons to Get a Motorcycle

  1. My older brother had bikes. He was 19 years older then me and he took me on a few times but i never really got into it till i met my hubby back in 2003. As of 2010 ive been riding my own ever since although once in awhile i will still ride two-up with him so i can take pics or just be able to cuddle up to him and enjoy the ride

    • Nice memories Robin. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy being a passenger one and a while also, with the right person. 🙂

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