11 Riders Caption their Summer Moto Travel Plans

Riding season has arrived not only on the calendar, but also with more seasonal temperatures. During this week’s Facebook chat with Motorcycle Mojo fans, we talked about the rides for the season, and asked how riders would caption their moto travel plans.

Photo Credits: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Here for Freedom Friday, is a light-hearted look at their answers.

  1. Mark K. Spontaneous, with a couple of routes planned through the Cascades loop in WA and the usual trip to Nakusp BC in the summer!
  2. John O. Awesome. Liz..it is where I’ve already been! Florida for Bike Week including the Daytona Loop, Tennessee (Chattanooga Ruby Falls) & North Carolina for my first ride on the Dragon!
  3. Brad G. Some people do Iron Butt. We do Plastic Ass. There is just no way I’m doing 1000 miles in one sitting. Lol. We are riding around Superior for 9 days in July.
  4. Brian B. Vein clogging.
  5. Brad G. Scenic.
  6. Tim M. Undecided.
  7. David B. Go for it! From Belleville, Ont to the coast of Virginia and North Carolina – rode the BRP and the Dragon last year.
  8. Karen G. Free Spirit.
  9. Kevin S. Well since it’s my first season, I love my bike and can’t get out enough. As much as I can and be casual and learn.
  10. Garth W. ‘Round the Lakes. Going to circumnavigate the Great Lakes.
  11. Noel H. Follow the sun. Avoid the clouds.

For the record, mine’s “Uncharted Territory.” We’d love to hear from you. How would you caption your summer riding plans?


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

8 Comments on “11 Riders Caption their Summer Moto Travel Plans

    • You’re bringing back wonderful memories from last summer Marie. One of my favorite campgrounds is the KOA just north of the California border. Have a fantastic time! Thank you.

      • Thank you Liz! My first long ride since getting my motorcycle license 3 years ago, I am beyond excited !

        • And so you should be! 🙂 Congratulations Marie. I want to hear from you when you get back. 🙂

          • We’ve talked before. It’s a 4 month 13,000 mile tour of North America. Starting in Vancouver. Going to Newfoundland, then down the coast, across to northern Mississippi(which may include the dragon). South to the gulf. Then west through La., New Mex., Tex., Ariz. to Cal and back up the coast. It’s what retirement is for 🙂

          • Hi Bob – I certainly remember – and I can picture your trailer! What a wonderful time it will be. Keep me posted. Safe travels!!


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