36 Riders Weigh in on Men vs Women and Safety

Events for Women’s Month take place throughout March, with March 8th designated officially as International Women’s Day – started in the ’20’s to recognize women’s issues. It’s now celebrated globally throughout the world – and it inspired our Ladies Night theme for Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook  earlier this month.


women and safetyMojo Fans were asked, “Are women safer riders than men” “Got an example?”


Read their  answers then check out the link at the bottom.

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36 riders weigh in on men, women and safety

  1. John T.  YES! a woman with experience riding, knows where her limits are, most men, push and push and push the limits! Damn testosterone!!!


  1. Mike P.  Well Put John! Agreed


  1. Noel H.  I’m not convinced they are. Men may take more chances while women may not take some chances when they should. Sometimes when you are presented with unpleasant choices you need to be aggressive.


  1. John T. That is true also Noel! there are many ways of contemplating this question!


  1. Liz J.  There are studies that suggest women are safer. more research necessary


  1. Suhaymath N.  I feel as if this could go either way! Anyone can be an exceptionally safe rider. The opposite is also true.


  1. John T.  I would love to hear a woman rider’s point of view on this question!


  1. Gordon H.  That’s a tough question. I think that is like beauty. It’s in the eye of the beholder. My wife is quite literal. Once on a trip (our first trip) I told my her that as we traveled I wanted her to stick to my rear tire. Well I was wrong on that. I passed a car and once I pulled back in I chopped the throttle. I looked in the mirror and all I saw was the front wheel of her bike. She was about 6″ from be Literally Stuck to my rear tire. We had a small talk at the next coffee break. Memory neither of us will forget.


  1. John T.  True Gordon, a newbee will do exactly what you say, so chose your words carefully!


  1. Liz J.  It’s one of the reasons why as instructors we don’t lean over and shift a student’s bike with our hands when they can’t find neutral.


  1. Bruce A.  No, they scare me mostly, sorry ladies I just witness out on roads they don’t usually think ahead just what’s in front of them, I hate driving behind, behind take my life in their hands, rather be two or three ahead.


  1. Tammy P.  People are people, there are safe people, people who push the limits, and people who take risks. Those people come in male and female versions.


  1. Karen G.  I think women are generally more cautious by nature, and also that we tend to really want to master something before considering ourselves “good enough”. Those two things probably make us safer riders.


  1. Tammy P. I am a safer street rider than I am in the dirt. I let loose a bit more when there are no cars around.


  1. Stephanie C. I have a strong sense of self-preservation. Only fallen off twice in 30 years of riding. But my husband has only fallen twice in that time as well.


  1. Tammy P.  Sorry to scare you Bruce, I think a factor there is that there are a lot o new women riders out there, still learning. I find it hard to be behind the 50 year old guys/gals that used to ride a dirt bike (35 years ago) and now have an 800 lbs harley that they don’t know how to ride. I rode from St. John’s to Vancouver and back without incident. Well, maybe the odd pucker moment.


  1. Ursula B.  really depends on my mood! Sorry girls! Sometimes I can’t resist!


  1. Mary M.  Just my opinion, but I don’t think women drink and drive on bikes as much as men. In my experiences.


  1. Monet B.  The more someone rides the better rider they become…male or female.


  1. Tammy P.  People drink and ride????? Really??? Nobody I know.


  1. Ursula B.  I also think I am a good driver or rider (25 years exp.) I have, believe it or not seen some really bad (not risky ) just bad bike drivers out there! They scare the — out of me!


  1. Cindy B.  In my opinion it goes both ways. We can all be safe drivers, but still make mistakes. Many of us riders have experienced what it is to go down, sometimes from our own mistake, sometimes for goofing off or maybe being nervous, and sometimes because of another driver (car or bike) or obstacle (wildlife, debris, etc.).


  1. Ursula B.  I ride my bike as if everyone else on the road is trying to kill me.


  1. Kathy B.  I totally agree with Karen. But a good rider is also acknowledging your limits, gaining experience and developing your skills so you can ride in any condition whether it is the weather or roads. So really at the end of the day are motorcycles better riders/drivers than those who only pilot automobiles. Maybe that’s the more important question.


  1. Daniel R.  Worst rider I’ve ever been with in my life was an extremely experienced motorcycle mama. Kept on bitching about getting cut off and stuff. It was painful to ride behind her. She’d pinch off an 18-wheeler then slow down… it was brutal. That said, I’m sure stats would show a higher percentage of male accidents per mile happen than women cause we’re way better at making dumb decisions.


  1. France G.  Agree with Kathy, above!!


  1. Glenn R.  There’s good and bad on both parts.


  1. Wendy C.  I find that I tend to push my limits but after 25 years riding under my belt I feel very confident in my skills as a rider.


  1. Pat G.  I do believe its the wife of a shop owner in Moncton called Fast by Basque Moto Service and yes she can ride!


  1. Juan W.  I think very much depends on the individual as we all “can” ride safe, but…. I do give John T a big amen !


  1. Danielle B.  That’s as silly as asking who drives a car better. I don’t think gender has much to do with skill, that’s more experience and instruction.


  1. Joe L.  I think a riders experience dictates who is better not their gender


  1. Lorraine W.  Joe there are idiots drivers everywhere!


  1. CF. Neither. I see no data in other areas where there is now (more or less) equal representation (eg, car drivers) that women drivers are more or less safer than male drivers. The real determining factors is age and life experiences (basically, the criteria that insurance companies determine your rates on).


  1. Roni C.  it’s a skill… i know some women that have been riding for 3 for years and still can’t get the hang of it… but they don’t go out and try things … I have other friends who just go out and practice skills in the parking lot … with some cones… they know the limits they can push thier bike to…. practice allows you to know what you can and can’t do. plain and simple… guy or girl… you have to practice and know your limits.


  1. Tom N.  I have found that a lot of women are more cautious and will work harder to acquire skills before they venture into unknown territory. Less ego more drive. However, once they’ve acquired the skills there’s no holding them back. Lookout!


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