13 Riders Define Customer Service

What makes a good customer service experience when you’re shopping for gear, accessories?

We posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page. These riders offer their thoughts.

Add yours in the comments below.

13 Riders Define Customer Service


  1. Mark K. Knowledge and first hand experience for the items in question. I seek opinions from others with am open mind and I hope that the vendor also has an open mind to other products or possible solutions as well.


  1. Stephanie M. Knowledgeable, friendly staff.


  1. Ursula B. I was impressed when I was looking for a new seat for my bike and the parts guy went through the trouble of actually installing the seat on a bike similar to mine so that I could sit on it and check it out before taking it home to put on mine!


  1. Chance G. That there’s not a cigarette boat and a hummer parked outside that Ill be funding


  1. Al F. Guys at Two Wheel Motorsport in Guelph ON have been real good to me and very knowledgeable. I’ll drive the 45 minutes to buy from them. Prices are real competitive too!


  1. Ian S. Friendly , and a passion for the job. Eagerness to help. Not trying to push a specific product on you.


  1. Karen G. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff, who never cross the line into pressuring me to buy something that I don’t really need, or really, really like.


  1. Terry F. I am on side with Ian’s comments on this one.


  1. Kees S. Big thumbs up to the guys at Penticton Honda! Brought my proud, new to me 97 BMW to ask a few questions, and they treated me so respectfully! Gave me good advice, every time I came in. No pressure to buy something, but good advice as to this product is really cool, that one not needed. They are a real asset to Penticton!


  1. Bruce A. Get off phone behind counter, I’ve got cash in my pocket!


  1. Barbara W. Professional help when you need it and space, when you want it…


  1. James M. Whatever it is G P bikes in whitby has lots of it a great staff to help


  1. Don N. I enjoy helpful customer service. I bought my helmet at Zdeno’s and it was the best experience. They gave me reasons to buy and didn’t try to close.

Note: The opinions offered above are those of the individuals and not an endorsement by me.


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