26 Readers Share Family Responses to 1st Moto-Love

How did your family take to your first moto-love?

Readers on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook  readers recalled their experiences.


moto-love26 Readers Share Family Responses to 1st Moto-Love

Photo courtesy of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

  1. Christopher G. My daughter called me “badass”; my wife just asked if my insurance was paid up (I pointed out that riding was cheaper than keeping a mistress! ); and my mother just shook her head. My dad was pretty stoked, mainly because he could bug mom about me wiping out!


  1. Darlene D.  My hubby bought it for me was very supportive. My teenager thought I was cool – but the cool factor multiplied when I upgraded to the bike from the scooter. The rest of my family was worried & still does. But you can get hurt doing anything in life. Gear up, get trained & be prepared is the way I think about it.


  1. Tim M.  My parents supported my riding fully even when I started to race. Diane most of the time.


  1. Jade T.  heh. they’re never really sure what to do with me anyway, so this was no different. they’ve adapted!


  1. Suhaymath N.  My parents accepted it quite nicely after they realized how serious I was. When they actually saw me riding, though, they really understood.


  1. Kim C. what a fantastic pic !! lol.. my family, mostly my father, knew that the first time I rode the motorcycle, that I would never stop… !! none of my family members have never tried to discourage me…


  1. Darlene D.  The hardest thing for me at times are the preconceived ideas people have about riding & riders. I’ve been asked if I belong to a gang, called a redneck – seriously I am a middle aged working mom – redneck indeed!


  1. Roni C.  My family had always been in full support of my moto habit… i learned after i had been riding a few years that my Gram used to ride too! Wow was that ever a great moment! We had more things to share!


  1. Ken C.  I was young and single, mom said I was crazy, dad thought it was a waste of $, but man the chicks dug it. Lol


  1. Mark K. My wife is quite comfortable being my photog on the back of the bike! She loves are travelling adventures.


  1. Harry N.  My folks were fine with my decision to ride. 3 years after I started I picked up my future wife hitch-hiking… that was 40 years ago & we’re still riding.


  1. Dora D. My son was embarrassed because none of the other moms rode motorcycles, but, when he told them, they thought he had the coolest mom. My parents didn’t care for it until they drove their car behind me one day when I was taking my motorcycle in to my mechanic. They loved watching me ride! but they still worry!


  1. Ursula B.  dad was overjoyed, mom , not so much!


  1. Jackson F.  I had 5 350 Honda’s. All older than this one. Ya couldn’t Kill “em!


  1. Noel H. Good heavens no. I had definitely stepped outside the line when I got the bike.


  1. Brad S.  Hahaha…. that’s a photo of me on my old ’73 CB350 Honda… circa 1979. All loaded up for a weekend away camping. Simpler days, simpler life then….


  1. Rick M.  Quite supportive. I rode before I had a license & Dad would haul the bike & me around to empty parking lots and trails. When I got my second bike he took over the first one & we rode together.


  1. Luc N.  Not too well. But they realized it was not going to end anytime soon. 30 years later I still ride and they still protest.


  1. Kevin G.  Their enthusiasm was extremely well hidden !!


  1. Christopher B.  haha ,, not much family around, and nobody actually cared as long as I paid my own bills . That was in 1970, I still ride and my wife goes with me , after almost 40 years together.


  1. Tim D.  My parents were against it in 74, so had saved up money all winter to go 1/2rs on a catamaran sailboat with my dad instead, and at the last second he changed his mind, so out the door I went and got my first bike, a 1973 Kawasaki S1A 250 triple, and that was the start.


  1. Larry C.  That look’s just like me in 1974 Awesome pic.


  1. Don N.  That looks like me in 1958, but the bike’s not mine. Parents were in shock and dismay. Almost as bad as when they visited me in hospital with a gun shot wound in 1955.


  1. Paul K.  first bike was a Bridgestone 90 Mom wasn’t too happy about it Dad co signed for it. I’m sure he heard about it from Mom. It was about 1965 I think alas no photos.


  1. Bill M. I had one of these 350 Hondas, my first street bike !!!


  1. Conrad G. My mom kept asking me if I was really her son!


How did your family respond?  Write your response in the comments below.


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  1. My first bike I bought just 7 months ago was a Yamaha 400 Star. My partner thought it was a very cool idea and was very supportive and helpful giving me tips and ideas to improve my skills. My 80 year old Dad thought it was brilliant however my Mum didn’t cope well at all and was angry at me for about a month. Now though she is admiring bikes outside the supermarket and chatting to the bikers and telling them about her 53 year old daughter that “has one”. She loves my motorcycle diaries and is thrilled that she has something else to talk about with my other siblings and her friends.

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