Celebrate your Birthday – or Summer – with Kindness


This article caught my attention and it seemed a fitting one to post for Feel-Good-Friday – and the 1st day of summer!


kindnessMatch your age with acts of kindness


For her 34th birthday, Katie Jones decided to celebrate with 34 acts of kindness, hoping to spread happiness by helping others.


“If I can do it, then anybody can do it,” she says.  “We are all connected,” she told the Urbandale Patch. “You don’t need to be part of an organization or anything beyond personal motivation”


Read this inspirational story of a woman who rides around on her red scooter, spreading kindness.


Iowa Woman Celebrates 34th Birthday with 34 Acts of Kindness


This would be a great birthday tradition to start – although for some of us, it may take a few more acts of kindness and a little more time.




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photo credit: AllenHsu via photopin cc


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2 Comments on “Celebrate your Birthday – or Summer – with Kindness

  1. Liz this is a wonderful idea. I started this morning helping my waitress get rid of her headache. An Acupressure trick I learned about 40 years ago. I will keep working on getting through the other 75.

    • I love your story Mary!! this is the problem as our years add up – it takes long to work through the list. 🙂


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