3 Ways to Use Poses to Increase Your Power

Each one of you is powerful. More powerful than you know. Now scientific research has provided the basis for tools that help you overcome fear, restore confidence and bring out your best!

power posesWhile you’ve all heard about the messages body language can send, these articles tell you how you can use your posture to actually become more powerful.

Interesting to read and even more fun to practice.


Act Powerful, Be Powerful

Did you know that “power posing” could change your life?

The mind shapes the body. If you feel powerless, your slumped shoulders and timid approach will reflect it. But now we know the body can shape the mind! So if you act as though you’re powerful, you and everyone else around you will believe it. Studies have shown that “power poses” actually cause people to become more powerful.

This fascinating article has great tips on how to practice and apply these powerful techniques.


Powerful Postures can Make You Feel More Powerful

The next time you have to give a presentation, negotiate a contract or go for a job interview, try these techniques. The way you sit can actually change your stress levels. You may surprise yourself with your success!


Body Language and Power Poses

Body language can strengthen your message or undermine it. Whether it’s a 1:1 conversation or delivering a presentation to crowds, your audience will be more influenced by what they see rather than what they hear.


Now have some fun and go practice your poses!


photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc


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