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Open Your Gifts and Make a Difference

by Liz Jansen When I was a child, I became known in family circles for my piano talents. Lessons started at age six, from Miss Pearl Latcham, an elegant woman who sat erect, her silver, coiffed hair held precisely in place

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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Nov. 13-20

by Liz Jansen   Riding season is drawing to a close or significantly curtailed for many of us. That’s a sign to start planning for next season. I thought I’d help by sharing favorite posts that have crossed my desk recently. I’m

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10 Ideas for Motorcycle Stocking Stuffers

by Liz Jansen Looking for some motorcycle stocking stuffers that are sure to be appreciated? Look no further than this list of #moto gifts for the special rider in your life. These thoughtful gifts will please any rider, regardless of their

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5 Insights on the Road to Here

by Liz Jansen Three months down the road on my Wheels to Wisdom quest, it’s time to take stock of the road to here. How could I have known when I set out on August 4th after preparing for months,

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A Grandmother’s Quilt

by Liz Jansen It’s close to 40 years ago that Oma gifted me with a finely hand-stitched quilt. Lime green on one side, tiny orange and pink flowers against a white background on the other, I didn’t know what I

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Use Your Gifts

Power of the Road speakers covered this from many engaging perspectives. The application to real life includes everything from being yourself, using your unique talents and not worrying about what others think of you. These messages came through loud and

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10 Moto Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Looking for some last minute stocking stuffers?   Look no further than this list of #moto gifts for the special rider in your life.   Taken from the recent webinar on 50+ Gadgets & Gizmos, these thoughtful gifts will please everyone.  

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3 Illustrations of Christmas Spirit

No matter what your faith, there’s a season that celebrates light, love and spiritual gifts; the true meaning of the season. And there’s no reason to restrict it to this season. Let’s continue this Christmas spirit all year round. Here

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33 More Stocking Stuffers from Riders

What motorcycle related gift would you like to see in your stocking? We posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page. These riders tell us what they’re hoping for. Add yours in the

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3 Cheap Meaningful Gifts

Life’s most precious things are free and invisible. Next to that on the meaningful scale are the things that are simple and inexpensive. These are the times and activities shared with family and friends that are memorable for the sincerity

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